Georgia Brace & Spine

"We've got your Back"

Our Team

  • GA Licensed & Certified Orthotist                              
  • Certified Orthotic Fitters
  • On-Site Trauma Support
  • Medicare Accredited 

Company Profile

  • Our Orthotists are licensed in the State of Georgia and BOCO certified.

  • We have been serving the northeast Georgia community for over 25 years.

Our Mission

  • We strive to provide optimum patient care and the best possible experience for our referral source partners.  


  • Georgia Brace & Spine partners with Optimum Brace, a leading manufacturer of spinal bracing solutions.  Our staff of knowledgeable professionals can assist your organization with the proper use of our bracing solutions as well as product positioning to referral sources. Our braces have been submitted to Noridian Administrative Services, LLC for Medicare Pricing, Data Analysis and Coding (PDAC). Suggested reimbursement codes are provided.


  • Georgia Brace & Spine was founded in 2009 but our heritage and experience dates back over 25 years. Our brace designers are certified and state licensed orthotists so our braces are developed based on a true understanding of what the patient needs and the orthotist desires.


  • Our founder Ivan Ruiz built Georgia Brace & Spine on the idea of quality products and outstanding customer support.

Take a moment and watch a video of how our braces are made