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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is the individual fitting the brace licensed in Georgia? 

Georgia law requires anyone who fits an orthotic device under a Georgia licensed orthotist (called an assistant under Georgia stature regardless of certification) must be supervised, in-facility, by that orthotist if the orthotist is not performing the fitting.  Georgia Brace & Spine adheres to the Georgia statute.


  • Will the brace be fit in the patient’s home, the hospital, or the orthotist office? 

Yes to all of the above.  Georgia Brace & Spine schedules non-trauma patients for fitting in our facilities.  Trauma patients that are unable to travel or require immediate post-operative care will be provided products and services in-home or during their hospital stay.


  • Can Georgia Brace & Spine provide products and services to physicians who, in turn, will bill the patient? 

We are a licensed orthotist practice with Medicare accredited facilities.  Our preference is to control the fitting process to ensure the highest quality patient care.  However, we will customize programs for physicians who wish to obtain orutilize their own DME billing capabilities.  


  • What Insurance coverage does the company accept?

Georgia Brace & Spine has negotiated contracts with major insurance companies and is a Medicare accredited supplier.


  • Does your company accept Medicare assignment? 

Georgia Brace & Spine does accept Medicare assignment which will provide for reimbursement of 80% of the Medicare allowable charges.  The orthotic brace and the fitting services are combined into one reimbursement fee established by Medicare.  Medicare will reimburse the company directly and GBS will bill any secondary insurance for the remaining 20%.  If no secondary insurance is available or the claim is refused, the patient is responsible for the remaining costs.



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