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New Panther Series Back Braces

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The Panther Spinal Brace

  • The innovative dual 5 to 1 mechanical advantage compression system allows the brace to be easily snugged, even by elderly arthritis sufferers with diminished hand strength.
  • The universal Panther requires no tools to size and accurately conforms to the patient’s torso. Easy-to-attach belt segments make the Panther a versatile orthosis that can be adapted to any body shape in minutes.
  • No more cutting or folding belts. No more squeezing Bubba into the same brace you’d wrap twice around Granny. Just add or remove belt segments and apply a personalized Panther brace to your patient.


  • Universal Size
  • 25” to 66” range
  • Zero tools required
  • Auto-contour lordosis
  • 5:1 mechanical advantage
  • Covered string/pulley array
  • Conforms to all body shapes
  • Lightweight breathable mesh
  • Smooth dual-pull compression



New* Avalon Contour LSO Brace

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The New Avalon Contour LSO, pre and post operative management bracing system allows for a progression of rehabilitation adaptability with removable/replaceable anterior, lateral and posterior panels.  The Avalon Contour LSO treats a variety of indications from acute and chronic pain to post operative patients, thus assisting the patient through a continuum of care.


Indications for use:

· Lumbar sacral mechanical back pain

· Spinal Stenosis

· Spondylolisthesis

· Degenerative and bulging discs

· Herniated/bulging discs

· Facet syndrome

· Post-operative stabilization protocol following:

-Laminotomy, Foraminotomy, IDET procedures, Anterior Laparoscopic Fusion, Posterior Lateral Fusion and Multi-level decompression

A new day

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We are very excited to be rolling out our brand new website today.  Over time we will fully integrate the ordering of our braces through this website to make it even easier for you to do business with Georgia Brace & Spine!